Welcome to Magenta Luxury Suites & Rooms City Center Athens. The Suites and rooms are located in an excellent location. Within walking distance from the Magenta Luxury Suites & Rooms City Centre Athens, you will find many restaurants, cafes and bars where you will taste the nightlife of Athens, which is enthusiastic.

The area is ideal for vacation, shopping and business; we are located in the centre of the commercial and financial area of Athens. The Panepistimio metro station is just 6 minutes walking distance and the Syntagma Square is 7 minutes walking distance.

The centre of Athens is an area which gives you access to many parts of the city, but is mainly a way of life. The most famous area that blends with the historic value, the European atmosphere with the cosmopolitan aura and its natural beauty. The natural and beautiful buildings, interwar houses, museums, cafes, restaurants, bars, shops, with separate roads, gardens, and squares give another colour and tone to life, dilating the time. You will discern scattered architectural buildings and museums, archaeological sites. The National Library, the Academy of Athens, Athens University that testify to the historical value, as written in the past few centuries. Good stay in Athens and in Magenta Luxury suites.

Here at the Magenta Luxury suites we offer you and experience you won’t want to leave, through a variety of luxurious accommodation, comprehensive guest facilities and services, we make living easy, affordable and take care of everyday details.




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