Welcome to Magenta Luxury Suites & Suites Old Center Athens. Your visit in Athens will be incomplete without checking out the plethora of historical sites that run throughout the city. We are located just 7 minutes walking distance from the Omonia metro station that runs the metro line straight to Athens Airport.

From the Magenta Luxury Suites you can easy walk easily across the vibrant center of Athens.

The current Historic Center was the heart of the social, economic, political, entertainment and cultural life of Athens. The Historic Center is a multi-faceted, multicultural world, full of unexplored corners and warm people. The vendors and large traders are trying to sell their goods. The strong smells of spices, meats and cheeses are flooding the air. The images are bright, vibrant colours of the fresh delights of the surrounding shops. A path in the Historic Center of Athens is filled with historic sights, colours, perfumes, opportunities for shopping, food and architecture. Also with a minimum time walking you can you are in regional and tasty restaurants to enjoy Greek cuisine, picturesque streets, traditional neighborhoods with beautiful cafes and shops. Good stay in Athens.

Here at the Magenta Luxury suites we offer you and experience you won’t want to leave, through a variety of luxurious accommodation, comprehensive guest facilities and services, we make living easy, affordable and take care of everyday details.



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